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At Diet-icious, the focus lies on quality information, sustainable practices and a pleasurable experience. I am convinced that eating needs to be delicious, nutritious, and comprehensive to sustain a healthy lifestyle. That’s why all recipes are developed, tested, tried, revised and tested again before I post them. That’s why no two meal plans I develop looks alike. That’s also why I do all the research in the background and only present crucial information in a comprehensive and digestible way.

Thus, having worked for the biggest food service provider in the US, I not only bring profound knowledge and experience in developing nutritious meal and wellness programs, but also know how to position your program in the marketplace to attract customers, clients and talent.

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Information. Articles are based on most current research. Only quality publications and guidelines are used.

Plans. Meal and diet plans are developed with regards to individual needs, requirements and preferences.

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Food. All ingredients and foods in recipes are selected based on their potential to sustain a healthy environment.

Nutrition. Each recipe, meal and diet plan is analyzed for its potential to sustain a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

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Flavor. Seasonings and flavorful ingredients are emphasized to ensure a pleasurable eating experience.

Satisfaction. Meal and ingredient composition are carefully designed to provide a filling and satisfying meal.

Whether you’re looking for reliable information on nutrition, practical tips to tie nutritious food into your daily life, just browsing for fun recipes, or looking for a professional nutrition consultancy – this is your place. 

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