Dietetic Facts

Dietetic Facts

Carbohydrates for Performance - In times when myths are mixing with scientific knowledge, it is not surprising that many athletes remain unsure of the amount and kind of carbohydrate they need to support their training and optimize performance. Here's why, how much, what and when you need carbohydrates.
Coffee and Physical Performance - Caffeine is the most frequently used substance to enhance performance. There are many myths around caffeine being addictive, dehydrating and bad for overall health. What’s the truth?
Building Muscle – How Much Protein Do You Need? - Athletes expend more energy than the average person and their body needs additional nutrients to build endurance and strength, and to recover from intense physical activity. Protein plays a critical role in their diet but how much is really necessary?
What and How to Drink During Exercise - Ensuring that your body is provided with the right fluids is essential to perform properly. But what is the right sports beverage, how much should you drink and when?

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