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What is a wellness program?

Employees are the most valuable asset in a company. Making sure that they are happy and healthy has a great effect on overall productivity and the bottom line.

Many organizations in the most competitive industries have recognized that – the 2016 Employer Health Benefits Survey showed that 46% of small businesses and 83% of large companies provide some sort of corporate wellness program to their employees (1) to increase employee health and reduce their healthcare costs. It has been shown that for every $1 an employer spends on corporate wellness, they save $4 on health care costs and absenteeism (2). This is an obvious incentive for any business, small or large, to implement a corporate wellness program.

Corporate wellness programs are designed to prevent the development of chronic diseases by identifying risk factors and implementing lifestyle changes to reduce those risks. A key component is education on nutrition and promoting healthy eating habits. With the right mix of educational resources, collaborative workshops, competitive challenges and individual incentives benefits can be manifold: increased productivity and creativity, reduced absenteeism and health care costs, increased workplace engagement, competitive talent retention and acquisition.

What meets the company’s needs?

After a thorough assessment of what the organization’s needs are I will design a corporate wellness program tailored to the company’s culture. Whether that’s individual employee nutrition assessment and counselling, recurring nutrition lunch and learn sessions, nutrition and wellness challenges, peer group moderation, nutrition fairs, or meal and snack program design, together we will define the right program for the wellbeing of your team.

What are the needs of your school?

Investing in our children and the next generations of big-thinking revolutionaries isn’t just about education. The right fuel is important to keep their minds growing and going. I can be your partner in figuring out a balanced lunch or healthful snack program at your school. I also provide educational services if you’re looking to bring your students’ or staff’s nutrition knowledge up to speed.


First Corporate Consultationfree
Group Workshop (any size)$200
Meal Program Review$100/hr
Article for Mediastarting at $150

Every organization has its own unique needs – contact me to discuss possibilities!


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  2. Baicker, K., Cutler, D. & Song, Z. Workplace wellness programs can generate savings. Health Aff. Proj. Hope 29, 304-311 (2010).